About Janelle

13516221_1110917838953759_1263627652605483379_nThis is my furbaby Amira, she is JUST the cutest! You will often see me using the #furbabymumlife in some of my posts on Facebook or Instagram. These highlighted links will take you to where you can connect with me, I’d love to connect with you!

Amira is one of many things which brings me joy and I am a joy seeker! I had been on a life long journey to find out what it is people do to connect with joy, peace, love and harmony in their lives.

I’ve figured out it’s actually far beyond just being a nice person and doing what we think people and society expect of us, it comes down to releasing old patterns and working with the energy that we are made up of. To truly make something of our lives, we need to get to know and return to what we naturally are.

Over the years, I have used my skills in many different ways face-to-face for individuals and in groups:

  • Facilitated “Lighten-Up” Group Health Programs for Queensland Health (about fad dieting; healthy eating, exercise and stress management)
  • Educated over 60,000 children in classes about healthy eating; exercise; bullying; legal drugs and more
  • Combined Coaching and Meditation Programs for life motivation and success
  • Meditation; Relaxation and Yoga classes for stress releasing

With my knowledge growing deeper into sacred feminine energy and metaphysics, I wanted to reach out to more people, so I decided to join the online world to run courses online, running my first one in 2016.

I’ve trained through a coaching company and wonderful mentors along the way as well:

  • Life Coaching course with Beyond Success
  • Mentoring with Mitle Southy
  • Mentoring with Carrie Cardozo
  • Seminars and courses with Michael Domeyko Rowlands

Random things about me:

  • I love Bruce Lee’s philosophies on life
  • Babushka (Russian) Dolls so cute!
  • Garfield & I Love Lucy were my favourite when I was young
  • (I love putting words in brackets 😀 )
  • I use … (dot dot dot) a lot
  • I use exclamation marks and CAPS A LOT TOO!

 Testimonial: Arooj Ashraf, Pichakoi Photography


“Janelle is amazing! I love her kind and gentle energy and I had a wonderful time discussing my favourite subject these days: MONEY!

She has some great tools that I haven’t used before and I finally got around to using them today. Her session helped me really get to the core of my money story and history.

I appreciated her video and email follow-up to the session. Thanks for spending your Saturday morning with me!”