Self-Love Magdalene Bundle


For 10 Years I’ve been working on my Self-Love and I’ve never talked about it publicly…. why? Well… there are many reasons.

I used to think that working on myself was such a waste of my time because it never worked… because I never believed it nor was I using the right tools.

Over the years I thought it was a ridiculous topic, I mean “loving yourself is just being vain, right?”


In fact, that thought pattern got me putting love for others first before my own and put me in relationships & friendships that weren’t even good for me.

I also could never truly see my true potential when I was starting out in my business and I just didn’t believe in myself enough because of my limiting thought patterns.

This is why my heart and the whispers of my soul have created this Bundle for you and it’s in co-creation with Mary Magdalene! #winning!

This Mary Magdalene Self-Love Bundle has been created for you to step more into your calling, so you feel confident to share what you do.

In this transforming Self-Love Bundle you get:
♥️ Guided meditation (audio)
Feel the experience for yourself
♥️ PDF Guide
Explaining how this guided meditation works for you
♥️ Self-Love Journal (PDF)
Helping you remove limiting beliefs

If this calls to you… it’s a wonderful process to go through for a Self-Love experience.

I’m pretty excited about this because image how much more you can do in life and business if you weren’t putting everyone else before you….