“Janelle is a compassionate and genuine coach. Her strength is in her ability to listen to others. She is someone that you can instantly feel comfortable with, and this makes it easy to discuss issues with her. 

She is an inspirational and motivation coach who challenges you to realise your full potential in all areas of your life. I would strongly recommend Janelle if you are looking for a coach to support, mentor and inspire you on your life’s journey”.

Jade, Queensland, Australia


Arooj Ashraf 5 Star Review

“I found Janelle to be a very supportive, positive and non-judgemental coach. She encouraged me to think outside the square and beyond the “safe” choices in life. Janelle asked very thought-provoking questions which allowed me to unlock a deeper side of myself to clearly identify the direction I want in my life to head.

Janelle assisted me through a turbulent time in my life and I have come out the other side a much more balanced, positive person who remians focues on her priorities in life. I now live each day by one of Janelle’s motto’s: “Be the person you want to be, today.”

Bernie, Townsville, Queensland, Australia


“I saw Janelle for a life coaching session and my first impression was that she is an angelic being with a very warm presence. She was so sweet to message me just before I arrived and asked what hot drink I would like to have on arrival. She really made me feel special.

During the session she was very quick to point out exactly what aspects to work on and she had a very strong intuition about my character. She was on point on so many things I was going through even things I had thought about. Her action plan that she had written with post-it notes on the board was very helpful in visualising a strategy to help me move forward and think of solutions.

Janelle gave me one homework that I’ve found very effective which is what she calls “unfiltered” journaling every morning after I wake up. I have found that journaling in the morning gets all the junk out and helps me get ready to face another day. Overall, I was extremely impressed at Janelle’s skills, wisdom, knowledge and most especially her intuition. I had gotten so much more out of my first session with her than all the counselling/psychologist appointments I’ve ever gone to.

The healing at the end of the session was just amazing. Janelle’s spirit and passion to help people step into their personal power is truly one of a kind. I would highly recommend this beautiful angelic soul to anyone needing guidance. I’m looking forward to our next session Janelle. Much love and blessings!” 

Anna, Logan City, Queensland, Australia


“We spend so much time within our limited beliefs and habits that it’s hard to move forward”

We all have different goals and dreams be it health, relationship, career, love peace, balance family and work.

Don’t know how to accomplish your goals and vision? Guided support with Janelle can help you view all life’s challenges.

If you know some aspect of your life that needs a boost, I highly recommend investing in yourself with Janelle’s support to help you achieve great things.

Never give up on empowering yourself with positive thoughts, words, passion love and your dreams!!!

Thank you!”

Carey, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia


“Janelle was supportive, provided ideas and techniques that I could apply to both my personal and professional growth, and at best was a great listener… we always went past our session times.

Janelle was always very forgiving with my lateness and forgetfulness and always squeezed me in if I had missed our session with life’s “busyness” … of which she offered ideas on how to get on top of the chaos.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish her all the best with her business.”

Leisa, The Newman Group Pty Ltd, Australia


“Janelle helped me realise I had some habits and beliefs that were not beneficial to my well-being. With her support and encouragement, I was able to address my issues and start the healing process and begin to re-train myself.

Janelle was very approachable and easy to talk with while still being professional and she maintained complete confidentiality which was very important to me as we lived in the same small town. I was able to put all my trust in Janelle and open up to the wonderful helpful coaching she provided.

At times, certain modules challenged me and I was able to ask questions and talk through my problems with Janelle, feeling totally supported and never once feeling judged. At the end of our coaching session I felt empowered. I would be happy to recommend Janelle as a Coach.”

Donna, Clermont, Queensland, Australia.


Colleague Testimonial

“Having spend some time with Janelle myself, I know that her clients benefit tremendously from being coached by her… and … don’t let her youth fool you… she’s wise far beyond her years, very down to earth and caring but very focussed on assisting her clients reach their goals, so don’t think you’ll get off lightly 🙂 Janelle will work with you till you get to where you want to be. Exceptional lady!!!”

Olivia, Perth, Western Australia